Team members will be selected by team leaders under the direction of the HTI Board of Directors. All persons may submit an application. Selection for a team will be based upon how well the applicant will blend with the goals of each work team. Taken into consideration will be gifts, talents, work and life experience, faith, physical and emotional health, temperament and availability.

Conditions in Other Countries: Team members will be confronted with situations that will be difficult to handle physically, emotionally and spiritually. People must have the ability to handle these situations and be a blessing to the children we serve.

Expectations: Each team member selected will be expected to cooperate with the goals of the team under the direction of the team leader, raise his/her financial and prayer support, participate in training events relative to the assigned area of ministry, perform duties as assigned, and maintain good Christian conduct during team assignment. 

Prayer: A prayer captain will help coordinate a prayer base for the team. Individuals should garner all the prayer support they can -- all will be needed.