• Woodworking  Class Supplies - $800

    We raised funds to furnish the woodworking class with awesome new tools and wood supplies.  This class will allow a child to learn a beneficial trade upon leaving the project. 

  • Quinceanera Celebrations - $1,000

    In Honduras they have a big celebration when a girl turns 15.  In 2018 Proyecto Manuelito had 4 girls turn 15.  We were able to raise funds to help provide a beautiful party and party dress for the girls. 

  • Shoes For Honduras - $1,200

    Every Christmas Hope Teams raises funds to purchase each child a new pair of shoes.  This has been a huge success for several years.  

  • Manuelito School Lunch Program - $2,000

    Proyecto Manuelito has opened their doors to about 98 children from the community to attend school. These are children that would not be able to attend a public school due to the cost. The children are served lunch and for many it's their most nourshing meal of the day. Many Hope Teams donors give faithfully to this project. 

  • A Trip To Aqua Splash! - $1,000

    The kids loving going to the swim park and it's a real treat for them.  It entails a bus trip to Tegucigalpa, lunch at the park and a full day of fun!  This trip was done in December with the Christmas Team and it also included visiting a Christmas Light Display that was amazing and a first for the kids. We're thankful when donors see the value of a good time!

  • Sewing Class - $6,000

    With the help of very generous donors we were able to  set up a sewing class.  This included 6 sewing machines, tables & chairs and sewing supplies.  This is another trade that will be very helpful to have upon leaving the project.  The first class was offered to adults living in Talanga.  Pictured is the first graduating class!

  • Tuition For El Sembrador - $684

    Denis Marcello was selected to attend school at El Sembrador and we were able to pay his full tuition.  El Sembrador is a WGM Project and is also known as the "farm school".  Denis Marcello is doing very well and he will receive an excellant education there. 

  • Tuition For Nursing School - $6,000

    Manuelito has two girls that are attending the  WGM Choluteca Nursing School.  Katia (pictured) and Yeni are in their final year at the school and will graduate in the fall of 2019.  Hope Teams and their wonderful donors were able to pay their full tuition for their last year of school.  This is an incredible head start to becoming successful adults.