• Flooring project - $11,000

    In fall 2022, with the help of many generous donors, we were able to send funds to Didasko Children's Home towards their flooring project.  While it did not completely cover the project for both the boy's dormitory and walkways, it was a great start.  Within weeks, the staff at Didasko had already started installing the new flooring in the dormitory.  What a blessing this gift has been for the kids at Didasko.

  • Fencing for girls dormitory - $1,200

    The safety and security of the children at Didasko Children's Home is very important to all involved with Hope Teams.  So when the need for new metal fencing behind the girl's dormitory became known, our fabulous donors were able to provide funds towards new fencing project.  Thank you for helping keep the kids safe!

  • Community Internet - $720

    The past few years have made evident the need for improved internet access for everyone.  Hope Teams and their wonderful donors were able to contribute towards providing internet access to the community surrounding Didasko Children's Home in Honduras.  This internet access allowed for children in the community to access their education and family members to stay in contact during the recent pandemic lockdowns.

  • Roof Repairs at Didasko Children's Home - $500

    The strong winds of Hurricane Iota blew down a tree at Didasko Children's Home in November of 2020.  The tree went through the roof of directors Jorge & Rosa Castillo.  Hope Teams and their wonderful donors were able to send funds to help repair the roof from the damage of the tree.  

  • Car Repairs - $625

    In February of 2021, the cargo van at Didasko Children's Home was in need of repair.  With the help of our generous donors, we were able to help get the van back on the road!