Every Child's Hope

...is to be warm, healthy, happy, and loved.

Over 160 million children worldwide will spend tonight on the streets. 

Others live in orphanages that are no more than human warehouses. 

They live in fear, neglect, abuse, and exploitation. 

They are hungry, cold, lost, forgotten, and ostracized. 

They do not have a place to call home or a people to belong to. 

They are without hope.

This is not God's idea of how they should live. 

He uses his church, Christ-followers, to bring change in their lives. 

We help them reclaim the lives of these desperate children. 

God gave them the motivation and the skills. 

With help from friends like you, we help provide resources.


Your sponsorship of just $40 a month will help to provide a child with the life essentials that he or she needs:  

  • food, shelter, clothing & loving caregivers
  • education, including the possibility of university or vocational training            
  • medical & dental care, counseling

Most importantly, sponsorship gives every child HOPE by giving them friends who financially support them.  Sponsors can also let them know they care by sending letters, photos and praying for them.

Our goal is to have 10 sponsors for each child. This will help to cover all the costs associated with meeting the child's essential needs.

To sponsor a child, click on the Honduras tab or just click here if you would like help choosing a child.