Hope Teams International currently partners with Liberia Evangelical Missions (LEM) in Monrovia, Liberia.  We currently work with three church-based schools by providing funds for special projects, lunch programs and assisting with teacher salaries.  

Vantage Point Christian Academy

Located in the Neezoe Community, Vantage Point Christian Academy  was founded by Mother Patience Marlu after noticing so many children in the village that were unable to attend school.  They average 200 children in attendance from daycare to grade 6.  The school charges a nominal amount for tuition and provides a lunch each day.  The lunch program is sponsored by LEM.

Mount Zion Christian Academy

Mount Zion Christian Academy is located in the Wroto Town area of Monrovia, Liberia.  The director of the school is Pastor George Manyango.  The school averages 250 students ranging from nursery to 6th grade.  The school has no water source and is required to bring bagged water in each day.  

New Generation Christian School

New Generation Christian School is located in the village of Zeanzue about 3 hours outside of Monrovia.  The school is under the leadership of Pastor Henry Wennie.  New Generation was started 3 years ago and has an average attendance of 56 with the highest grade being 2nd.  The parents of the school children are unable to pay tuition so they donate food or help in other ways.